Mega Evolutions

Well, I’ve decided that it’s been long enough and I finally need to do the thing I’ve been dreading—go public concerning my absence for the last two months. Honestly, it’s all good news! I’ve just been dreading having to face the music for my long hiatus.

First things first, I’ll be posting more comics on here and SOON! If this is where you care to stop reading, that’s cool…but for my fans, I’d like to offer a little more info about what I’ve been up to and take a little look into the future of Magical Game Time!

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You know what those look like, right?!* Yep, BOOKS!

Magical Game Time is coming to the GLORIOUS, FUTURISTIC MEDIUM OF PRINT (minus the wiggly gif bits of course) and will be available for the first time anywhere this weekend at CAKE Chicago!

I’ll also have tons of prints, t-shirts and buttons as well so if you’re in Chicago, COME BY! I’ll also be doing commissions and probably sneaking in some Animal Crossing during slow periods!

CAKE is June 15th and 16th in Chicago, check out the site for more info! Please come say hi!

*hands/keyboard not mine